Grocery shopping

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, right?  For us, one of those items is the ability to hit the grocery store once a week on the way home from working at the University.  There is a Pick-n-Pay kind of on the route to the hotel and our ever-accommodating bus driver, Daniel, whom I’ve mentioned before, graciously extends his day to take us there each week.  The first trip took well over an hour — 14 people in a new grocery store, trying to find items and learn the norms of how shopping works here took some time.  Our goal for the next trip was to cut that time in half and we got close — at about 30 to 40 minutes.  The main concern is check-out, which as you can see pictured, is kind of chaotic and always jam packed.  Fingers crossed that next week’s trip is under 30 minutes so Daniel can get home at a reasonable hour.

But we are thankful that we even have this opportunity to pick up items so we can pack lunches for work, have snacks, etc.  The most popular item by far is huge jugs of water and the fixins for peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  Although I learned peanut butter is not universal and while Lucia loves it, she cannot purchase it in Brazil!  Our most creative grocery shopper is Leigh, who constructs beautiful looking sandwiches that put our PB’s to shame.

Pictured is the check out madness and Leigh shopping (water in hand)!6.23.14 grocery (3)6.23.14 grocery (2)#ibmcsc

2 thoughts on “Grocery shopping

  1. The grocery check out line looks like here on the day before Thanksgiving! That must be the most stressful part of your trip! From the pics of the kids, looks like they are keeping very busy…Love ya


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