My name is Katy and by day I work for IBM (all thoughts are my own, not representing Big Blue), and all other times I’m a wife, mom, and pop-culture junkie.  I have the opportunity to break free of my normal Procurement role and participate in IBM’s Corporate Service Corp – a digital Peace Corp type program where teams of IBMers converge from all over the globe to a growing market to tackle a societal or economic issue.  I will be part of a team of 15 working in Mafikeng, South Africa – on the Botswana border. We are tasked with improving the  technical skills of the young adult workforce.

Curious to learn more or follow my adventure? I’ll be posting regularly before departing and as often as technology will allow while in South Africa.  My blog posts will publish automatically to Twitter (@katybrownley) and Facebook if you follow me there.  You can also enter your email address in the “Follow this Blog” box on the right or in the footer to receive an email every time I post. Or if you are technically-fancy, you can use the RSS link in the sidebar or footer.