Back on the Home Front

I’ve been gone for 12 days now … the longest I have been away from my kiddos and I miss them beyond words. I’ve been away from Dave and the dog for longer periods of time, but it doesn’t mean I miss them any less!

I count myself lucky for the technology that is available as I have been able to FaceTime with Lauren and Landon most days, trade a Viber text message with them or email Kelsey who is doing an amazing job keeping the kids and house together during the week.  And through WhatsApp, email and Facebook, I’ve been receiving pictures from my sweet and wonderful friends who are helping fill the void of me being gone by taking them on playdates, inviting them to birthday parties, and hanging out at the Winston Manor Pool.  Dave has also been super-dad and filling the weekends with Back on the Home Frontlots of activities.  Thank you all!!!

An assortment of the fun the kiddos have been having the past 2 weeks.

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