This week of August contains multiple milestones ranging in emotions.  Today, a joyous one — our 10-year wedding anniversary! Hard to believe I met Dave at grad school 14 years ago and we’ve been legal for 10.


And yesterday a bitter-sweet one — the first day of school. There is such excitement and happiness, but also some sadness as you think about your babies growing up.  Lauren got on the bus to 1st grade yesterday and Landon started Pre-K.  Apologies to Landon for no official ‘first day’ photo.

8.30.14 1st grade 1st day of school (2)

And 5 days ago one of the saddest — the anniversary of Dad’s passing.  This is the first year of this new milestone and I hate that it was added to the calendar, but I’m thankful to have spent time with family in Dayton for the day.  Thank goodness for silly cousins who always lighten the mood.

from Blair the photographer 185 big_5x7 8.17.14 Cincy cousins

One of my favorite photos taken 10 years ago today.2004_August_21_wedding_ceremony(6)

3 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. A tear was shed in honor of Uncle Steve, and at the thought that life is a pretty powerful force that just keeps moving along. The picture of the 4 kids made me realize that. They are all looking so big. I remember your wedding like yesterday. I was in such a state of transition in my life (literally) during the weekend of your wedding that I feel like it was a blur, but I also remember some details so vividly.

    With smiles and tears and all sorts of memories in my head and heart, after reading this message
    Congratulations. Hugs.


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