Back on the Home Front – Part 2

The photos via email, Facebook and WhatsApp continue to pour in from our wonderful sitter, Kelsey, and my dear friends back in Hudson who are definitely making things easier on L & L (and Dave)!  I don’t think you realize how much I appreciate the notes and pics that keep me connected back home. From swim meets, to play dates, to family cookouts, to a Carnival organized by Kelsey and her other friends also nannying this summer, and a visit to Columbus, these kiddos have been super busy.  One more week in Hudson before Grandma takes over while Dave flies over here.  He arrives on Saturday!

Hover over the pictures for descriptions or click them to see full size.



2 thoughts on “Back on the Home Front – Part 2

  1. You are so lucky to have such a great support group of “Hudson” friends and neighbors…AND Dave! Kelsey sounds amazing, (a carnival???)….The bar has definitely been set “high” for my entertaining the kids!!!! Cannot wait to have them!!!!

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