Mid Term Review

Our on-the-ground work with the iNeSI (Ikamva National eSkills Institute) was officially at the half-way mark on Friday after completing 2 weeks.  So on Monday June 29, the start of Week 3, our subteam presented a Mid Term Review to our two key stakeholders, Mymoena and Dr. Wesso.

Our #IBMCSC project has been unique in that all 4 subteams are serving the same client, where usually there are separate clients for each team to work with.  This means all 4 sub-teams need to stay closely aligned and need to ‘share’ the client’s time.

We are also physically separated from the clients — with the IBM team in Mafikeng, Mymoena a few hours away in Pretoria and Dr. Wesso even further away in Cape Town.  They were with us for the initial kickoff and we’ve been relying on Skype and email since.  Effie, Chandra and I presented our Mid Term assessment via Skype on what we’ve done, what is planned for this coming week, and what we will deliver in the end.  Our specific project is to create a way to capture and report how South Africa is doing against becoming an e-Literate society.  It requires coordination across the 9 provinces, local and national governmental offices, and many others to provide the necessary data to create a single dashboard.  Midterm review

The phone session went well and we feel good about our direction for the next week.  Back to another week of reading documents, brainstorming, analyzing and getting our thoughts on paper to be prepared to make a final presentation during Week 4.


Team 3 – Katy, Chandra and Effie

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