An Unexpected Interview

On Thursdays, the South African Broadcast Company (SABC) has the best kept secret in town — their cafeteria serves authentic South African food in their cafeteria.  The food is so good that folks from other companies and the University come to their cafeteria to eat.  So, clearly it made our must-do list.  Luckily the SABC is located just across from the University so Daniel dutifully shuttled us over there along with staff from the University and some of the students who are helping us with the project.  We were not disappointed! Even the drink was a homemade ginger (they LOVE ginger here … my type of place) and the women who made the meal came out to greet us and I loved their aprons.

6.19.14 SABC lunch (5)

South African Lunch – Homemade Ginger to drink, and veggies from include a corn-type dish, pumpkin, cabbage and Chakalaka, a spicy South African vegetable relish. Meats of ox tail, cow intestines and some other cut of cow that looked like pulled pork (I can’t recall the name). And homemade bread.

6.19.14 SABC lunch (4)The unexpected part of the day came with the very detailed tour of the SABC afterwards, peeking in recording studios, seeing TV studios, media library, archives and the start of a museum of old equipment. One popular DJ, Benny Motuang was in the middle of his show but invited us into the studio and asked Valentina to take a seat.  The next thing we knew, she was live on air being interviewed and did a wonderful job! Check out my teammate’s blog for the audio portion —


DJ Benny Motuang totally not bothered by all the folks in his studio.

6.20.14 radio(1)

Valentina doing awesome on her surprise radio interview

6.19.14 SABC lunch (6)

Door to one of the many recording studios at SABC. Doesn’t it look like it belongs on a ship?

And the random photo that I’ll leave you with today is 4 of the cats who sat outside the SABC cafeteria windows.  Not quite the ‘big cats’ you expect in Africa, but nonetheless cute.

6.19.14 SABC lunch (3)#ibmcsc

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