Rainbow Looming for a Cause

The overarching theme of CSC is giving back.  During the week, we will be working hard to give our time and skills to our client doing traditional IBM-type things (consulting, technology, implementing a project, etc).  On the weekends the work doesn’t end, though, and we will be giving back to the community that we are staying — Mafeking.  One organization that we’ll get to work with is the Bophelong Special School for children with special needs.

And what a better way to bring smiles to these kids faces than to bring them something made by another kid half-way around the world?  So I have a request of you: I would love to have you and your kiddos make a bracelet or two for me to bring over. If you are like us, your loom is collecting dust somewhere, but ours has found a second life once I explained to my kids that they could be part of my trip and make another child smile.

In return, I promise to post pictures of the smiling faces of the kids you are giving a brighter day.  Any type of bracelet will do — regular, fishtail, the fancy ones like starbursts, triple singles — any colors, too!  If you live locally, I’ll have an envelope in my mailbox that you can drop them in.  If you live afar, you can mail them to me.  (If you need my address, email / message me.)  And if you have any other small, light-weight items to donate that kids would enjoy, I’d be beyond grateful … pencils, stickers, etc.


Landon hard at work making bracelets

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